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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which stones do you export?

    We export all kinds of stone that are available in Iran, in any shape, color, size, process, ... you'd like.

    How are the prices calculated?

    It's all up to you. We can give you ex factory prices (just the products cost), ex work prices (palette included) or we can calculate the shipment cost by truck, train and ship (if possible) to your desired port. Also the payment terms will affect the price, for example, the least price would be under full payment in cash term.

    How can we trust you?

    We understand every bit of concern you can have about this matter, therefore,
    1. We have conducted very safe payment terms such as 100% LC at sight.
    2. You can come visit the company and the load, or send a friend to do so.
    3. Our legal documents are available to be checked by you.
    4. We will let you be every part of the process. First, we will send you many recent photos and videos of your chosen stones so you can make your decision precisely. Then, we'll find the best shipment and after your approval, will set the contract details based on your needs. Further, we will send you photos of your load in containers ready to be shipped. Finally, we will check with you to be sure the load has arrived perfectly.
    5. There is a 24 hours support system, meaning an agent is always available to answer all your questions.
    6. You can check with our Qatari partners or other companies we've had partnership with.
    7. Checkout our social medias and schedule a video call.

    What are your accepted payment methods?

    LC, DLC, PAYPAL, T-T, PDC, BG, Western Union and Cheque.

    What is the average shipping time?

    24 days, we'll try our best to get the materials to you as soon as possible.

    What are your available stones?

    You can buy every stone available in Iran from us, for example :

    Cinnamon onyx
    Pink onyx (Naghadeh, ...)
    Green onyx (Azarshahr, ...)
    White onyx (Ghorveh)
    Blue onyx
    Pietra Grey Marble
    Granite (Natanz, Khorramdarreh, Alamoot, Taybod, Morvarid, Nehbandan)
    Green Granite (Birjand, Azarshahr)
    Red Granite (Yazd)
    Biege - Cream Marble (Dehbid, Harsin, Khoy, Borojen)
    Light Grey Marble (Neyriz)
    Dark Brown Marble (Jandagh)
    Light pink Marble (Khor)
    Black Marble (NajafAbad)
    Golden Black Marble (Mahallat)
    Red Marble (Anarak, Bovanat, Khoy)
    Light Green (Anarak)
    Ocean Blue Marble (Yazd)
    Amber Lemon Marble (Mahallat)
    Bronze Armani Marble (Delijan)
    Orange Marble
    White Marble (Azna, Aligoodarz, Neyriz)
    Beige - Cream Travertine (Takkab, AbbasAbad, HajiAbad)
    Silver Travertine (Takkab, Kashan)
    Titanium Travertine (Azarshahr)
    White Travertine (AbbasAbad)
    Yellow and Red Travertine (Azarshahr)
    White Crystal (Aligoodarz)
    Light Limestone (IslamAbad, Bojan)
    Black Limestone (Gohareh)


    Useful Information


    Established Date: 2014


    Main Products: Natural Stones, Onyx, Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Crystal ...


    Export of Slate, Marble And Granite Direct From Iran Quarry Factory


    Accepted Payment Methods: LC, DLC, PAYPAL, T-T, PDC, BG, Western Union and Cheque

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