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Iran travertine stone is a kind of porous stone and there are lots of its quarries in Iran. This stone has different sorts and types which would be pricing according to the color and quality of the stone. Iran travertine is popular because of the wide range of colors it has so it is exported widely both processed and raw.
This kind of stone has holes with different sizes. This would cause more stickiness of Iran travertine stone to the wall. Also holes would act as heat and sound insulator which is favorable for the construction.
Iran travertine stone can be used in different places in the building and there is no limitation for it. For example they can be used in outer face of the building, lobbies, at residential units, on the walls and floors.
Iran travertine stone is cut in two ways, one of them is cross cut and the other is vein cut. It is the decision of the producer to choose the style. For example Iran Hajiabad stone is famous with cross cut type. Iran travertine holes would be filled with some chemical material during the process and it causes more shinny surface.
Iran travertine stone is available in different colors like: white, cream, chocolate, lemon, red, dark brown, light brown, silver, and yellow. It is up to you to choose according to your design and there are no limitations. Using suitable Travertine stone besides each other, causes unique designs and they would impress everyone.
Most common Iran travertine stones of Iran are: Iran Abasabad stone, Iran Atashkooh stone, Iran Darebokhari stone, Iran Hajiabad stone, Iran brown and silver of Takab stone, Iran chocolate of Yazd stone, Iran chocolate of Aghamohamadi, Iran Abyar stone, Iran lemon Maku stone, Iran red Azarshahr stone.

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