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Aron Marble



Iran marble stone is one of the high consumption stone in the world that have lots of quarries in Iran. Iran marble stone is sort of limy so it is not suitable to be used in outer part of the building. They are widely used in inner parts of the construction projects. Iran marble stone has lots of colors, just like Iran travertine stone. This kind of stone does not have strength of the Iran travertine group so the price for this stone is much lower.
There are some limy lines in the Marble stone that should be filled with chemical product. The name of the material is epoxy and is necessary to be used to increase the quality of the marble.



Iran travertine stone is a kind of porous stone and there are lots of its quarries in Iran. This stone has different sorts and types which would be pricing according to the color and quality of the stone. Iran travertine is popular because of the wide range of colors it has so it is exported widely both processed and raw.
This kind of stone has holes with different sizes. This would cause more stickiness of Iran travertine stone to the wall. Also holes would act as heat and sound insulator which is favorable for the construction.



Iran Onyx stone is a very unique stone with special specifications. Characteristics of Iran onyx stone make it very different from the others. Iran Onyx stone has a special transparency which allows the light to cross through. Iran Onyx stone can be used on the floor and the walls. You can equip back of the Iran onyx stone with light that causes to create unique designs.



Limestone is a sedimentary rock that has been formed over millions of years at the bottom of lakes and seas. Often limestone can be found with fossils (e.g. Jura limestone which clearly shows the sedimentary nature of the material.) Limestones vary in hardness (density) depending on their age and formation.



Crystal stone, like marble, is composed of calcite, except that, depending on the degree of metamorphism, the size of the crystals is sometimes larger than usual, visible to the eye crystal stone. Crystal like marble, is a type of metamorphic stone. Crystal stones may be composed of quartz, in which case the hardness of the stone increases. The reason for choosing this stone is the sound of breaking similar to crystal stone, which is created in a thickness of less than 2 cm. Crystal stone is sometimes formed with the mineral wollastonite.



Granite is an igneous rock that is the result of hundreds of millions of years of creation.We suggest to use this stone in outdoor designs.
Typically you will find granite used for flooring, countertops, vanities, furniture and of course as exterior cladding.
We can provide Dark Green Granite block, slab, tile black granite with different surface finishing.